EP BR2UK – Volume 2


The EP from BR2UK – Vol.2. project was released on July 29, 2016.


Lyrics and rhymes – Josbi and Billy Saga

Beat – Figarate. Production and additional record Josbi and Lucas Arthur.


Lyrics and rhymes –  Ken Masters

Beat – Dj Lotto

3.Num arrasta

Lyrics and rhymes  – Bino and Billy Saga

Beat – DJ A.D.S.

The content is free. The EP is available to download in the link below:


Special thanks to:
Hamilton Yokota, Gary Priestly, Jo Verrent, Nik Barrera, Steve Jinski, Lucas Estrella, Adam Cogdon and Matt Sokell – CoMusica Arches , TH, Adonai, Maltrapilho, Muzzike e Luis Mauch.
Produzido e compilado por Dj Sandy Duff, Billy Saga and Dj A.D.S.
Arte by Titi Freak – www.titifreak.blogspot.com