Right from the ABC region (nickname for the metropolitan area) of São Paulo, more specifically from Santo André, BINO is another dude that wasn’t a fan of video games, but was fond of the streets – his strongest focuses were kites and soccer.

He was another one of those that gave troubles to his parents, neighbors, classmates and teachers. He shows in his beats everything he has lived and absorbed, with great influence from rap and 90’s rock!

He made his way amid the Santa Cruz battles – in front of  Santa Cruz subway, in São Paulo – in rap and hip hop events until he arrived at the Hip Hop House in Diadema (Casa do Hip Hop), where he decided it was time to attack with his neat abilities to construct sharp ideas.

BR2UK capped BINO for our attack, pairing up with another UK DJ of the area. We’re waiting for another brilliant goal.

We’re cheering for you! All together with BINO!