Will Smith MC²


Washington Luiz Lopes da Silveira, 30 years old, resident of Freguesia do Ó in Sao Paulo, who goes by the artistic name of Will Smith Mc, is an artist who was born and bred in the north of Sao Paulo, he started his hip-hop career in his neighbourhood of Freguesia do Ó and Brasilandia and had an unprecedented path to success.

He uses his talent and musicality to transform the environments he frequents into spontaneous cultural hubs.

In 2011 he founded the first battle of knowledge of the state of Sao Paulo, Batalha Racional, with the main goal of creating a social remedy to combat the intelectual malnutrition of young people, especially from the outskirts. 

In 2016 he started a new project in partnership with Red Bull Station that is still going strong till today, called Sófálá, that alternates between poetry tournaments and rap battles. In this project, the focus for battles is to generate interest the national rap scene and the knowledge battles through the production and publicising of winning circuit MCs on the brand’s channels. 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Will.Smith.Mc

E-mail: ContatoWillSmithMc@gmail.com