BR2UK is a cultural internship Project between Brazil and UK, created in November 2013 when, during a visit to Brazil, the graffitti artist and DJ Mudfoot Blaps, from Newcastle, met the rapper Billy Saga, from São Paulo. In a few hours of conversation, the musical and ideologic sintony was estabilished.

In the same month, Mudfoot and Saga acted in the idealization and execution of two projects: Hip Hop Workshop for students of Guri Project and Collective Graffiti and DJing at the I Culture and Inclusion Meeting – Musicais Diferenças.


From this spark, emerged the Project of cultural and musical experience, uniting the Hip Hop scene from both countries.

Idealized by Mudfoot Blaps and Billy Saga, the Project intends to articulate brazilian MCs who will record with british DJs and British MCs who will record with brazilian DJs.

The Project intends to produce a CD and make it availiable to dowload. And, through Cultural Incentive Laws, produce a performance in each country.

Keep up with the News through our fan page. https://www.facebook.com/br2uk/