EP BR2UK – Volume 1


The EP from BR2UK – Vol.1 project was released on April 26, 2015.

1. Pé de rima

Billy Saga feat. Ju CaldasDelfino Flow.
Production by DJ A.D.S. Production and additional record Léo Cunha.

2. Mixtape Brothers – BR2UK

Production by Lucas Estrela. Production additional by Dj A.D.S.

3. Pé de rima (Mr. Bird Remix)

Billy Saga feat. Ju Caldas e Delfino Flow.

Production by Mr. Bird. Scratchs by Dj Nery

The content is free. The EP is available to download in the link below:


Special Thanks to:
Katherine Zeserson, Luis Mauch, Gary Priestley, Maurício C. Cruz, Carol Leiderfarb, Pilar Nieva, The Skrufz, Killamary Fam, CIMG, and JCB893.
Produced e compiled by Dj Sandy Duff, Billy Saga and Dj A.D.S.
Art by John Dyer (Paul Windle Design http://www.paulwindledesign.co.uk/)